The Right To Die.

Monsieur Lion writes his thoughts on suicide and the right to die. This topic was spoken about first by Savannah. I followed up with my thoughts on it. Now Lawrence is doing the same. We have bounced around this topic for a few posts, re-blogging each other's pages and offering our own thoughts. It does... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse and Bullying

More from my friendly Lion and his fight to make a change.
This time talking about child abuse and bullying. The damage it can have on someone that will last a lifetime.

Do drop by and give Lawrence your support…
I have my lil’ mouse-y fingers crossed for you, as per usual Monsieur Lion! :D

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Being bipolar. Trying to break the stigma!

One of my favorite psychiatrists told me once that “Prints on fresh cement never disappear”.

This powerful analogy perfectly defines the long-lasting effect of abuses have on children and their lifetime repercussions.

Regardless of how many therapies you follow or other means you find to deal with it in order to minimize their impacts on your life, they are still around. The root of the damage(s) stays forever and sometimes comes up to the surface in a hidden way.

I was severely bullied, mentally and physically, from kindergarten up to 7 years old. I was bitten up, spat at, nobody wanted to play with me and the list goes on. I was afraid to tell my parents or the school as the bullies threatened me that if I told anybody, things would get worse for me. I believed them and told no one, neither the school or my parents until…

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Mentally ill people are living in 1963!

Things like this need to be passed around and shared.
Monsieur Lion is fighting the stigma of mental health by taking it to the big people that matter in our society. Lawrence is all gung-ho about this. He has made it his own personal mission! Go, Monsieur Lion, I believe in you!
~does happy dance~

So drop by and show him your support!

Being bipolar. Trying to break the stigma!

I have been searching high and low for some “historical mentor” or some inspiration to help me express my thoughts. I have limited my search to the 20th and 21st centuries. Anything before that seemed irrelevant for the message I’d like to convey.

After days of research, I believe I have found it. It is a speech that struck me and baffled me. It is the famous speech of Dr. Martin Luther King; “I have a dream”, delivered on August 28, 1963.

Before I go any further I want to make it very clear that I am not and wouldn’t dare to compare his fight, his cause to ours nor do I compare myself to him in any way. I am only referring to his phenomenal text as an inspirational guideline.

I have a dream too, that we, mentally ill people will be treated and considered the same as anyone…

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A Hot Five Days Ahead.

The above screenshot is a look-see at Ashe's week ahead. If the weatherman's predictions are correct I'm gonna be having five days of 30 degrees C, and over, until next Sunday. [Let's just say Ashe won't be too chatty.] -ugh- I loathe summer. I despise the heat. Even as a young kiddie I hated summer.... Continue Reading →

ACO: THO – Blood Trail. [Part 2]

I received a few positive responses to my very short original post, so if you guys want to read what I found when I followed this blood trail, let's get started.  I dismount from my camel and surveyed the scene in front of me. It does look like a trader's belongings. Maybe a trader's campsite. Broken pots... Continue Reading →

ACO:THO – Adventures in Egypt.

I started today's adventure overlooking this HUGE compound called "Walls-of-the-Ruler". I be thinking I shall avoid that for now and do what I usually do in open world games- completely *open* the map before doing any quests.  And so, from this synch point, I went backwards. Finding this note in a small Rebel encampment before... Continue Reading →

ACO – The Hidden Ones

One game completely killed my pc a few weeks back and I had to reinstall windows. Always so darn annoying having to reinstall an OS! I lost my second hard drive. Well, not lost, it's still there, as are all the files on it. I need to find the right driver for it and set... Continue Reading →

Searching for Family on Google

28th Jan 2018 11.15pm It is currently a humid, sticky 34 degrees Celsius in the house. (About 93 Fahrenheit for all you Americans out there.) It reached 38 C during the day, outside it is about 30. It ain't even 12 midnight yet. Tomorrow it will be 34 C. I truly despise summer. I loathe... Continue Reading →

Meeting My Birth Mother.

26th Jan 2018   Another old journal entry about meeting my mother for the first time. When I learned that I had truly been wanted by at least one of my parents once upon a time. I do truly wish I had been able to make a lasting connection with my mother and her family.... Continue Reading →

Mother & Son. Narcissists in the Family.

23rd Jan 2018 You know, I've never really explored who the grandmother was. I was a 'daddy's girl' even though the bastard wasn't really in my life. While I have never explored *what* the grandmother was I always said that she was "a lying, manipulative, two-faced, narcissistic bitch." Didn't know how true that was until... Continue Reading →

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